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November 5th, 2012 § 14 comments

A very short update because I have not updated for a while. We were hit by Hurricane Sandy and are still without power after 8 days. We are waiting for a Nor’easter to arrive on Wednesday which may cause further damage. A tree hit the house, fortunately came to rest on the chimney which prevented us from having the tree through the roof. The kids were out of school all week which was challenging since it was my week on chemo. But we got through it. My parents came and rode out the storm with us and I am so grateful for their help. They aren’t married anymore but they really do come together to help me, which is just what the kids and I needed.

We’re waiting for power to return and tomorrow (Tuesday) I will be back at the oncologist’s office (temporarily relocated because a lot of Greenwich is still without power as well). I’ll do bloodwork, meet with my doctor, and then get an IV dose of Zometa to help strengthen my bones and hopefully reduce some of the pain I am still having in my left shoulder from the cancer-caused fracture. I should probably wear a sling to help with the pain but I refuse to do it because I know it will cause so many questions of “What did you do? How did you hurt yourself?” I just don’t want to talk about it.

So many have been affected by this storm. My heart goes out to them.

I have a hard time right now dealing with the fact that once we get through the immediate cleanup from this storm I will still have this blasted cancer. And be dealing with it. Forever. And right now that is something I am having a hard time dealing with.

I do as much as I can each day to be normal… I went to the laundromat during the power outage. I did the grocery shopping today. I play Yahtzee and give snuggles. I don’t have energy to do as much as I want. I still ask for help. I have friends who’ve offered so much assistance and I am grateful. I am loved and I know it… I just am working through the mental anguish of this diagnosis.

I long for problems that can be fixed. I long for problems that have solutions.


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  • I know the cancer can’t ever be cured, but wish that the medication does the job for a long time. And hope that power comes back very soon. Disease. Nature. Hate that one is powerless before them.

  • Ann says:

    Lisa, know that Chris and I think of you every day, and that we constantly check twitter just to see your beautiful face. Hugs.

  • erikarobuck says:

    I wish for a miracle for you, for peace of mind and heart, for pain/nausea free days, for power, and for many beautiful upcoming holiday seasons to come. You are loved. xo

  • denise says:

    When I think of you, I send love. Each and every time. Which is A LOT. I wish that one of us could take this away. Love to you and yours, always. xoxo

  • ctreacylenda says:

    I don’t know you. You don’t know me. I read this, though, and wish I could wrap you in a blanket of cancer-free, solvable-problem, warmth and fuzziness. And then you’d tell me to go away because who the hell am I? and Do I know you?

    But still…

  • s.a.meade says:

    I only ‘know’ you through Twitter (kestrelrising), but believe me when I say you’re in my thoughts and I hope that you’re around for a long time to come. xxx

  • Laura temkin says:

    I know that lingering black cloud .always following after me. I can ignore it much of the time, I can even forget about it completely sometimes, and I’m learning each day to better control when I let myself wallow in it! On the bright side even a hurricane doesn’t seem so scary when you have cancer — all about perspective.

  • businessrelationshipsmatter says:

    I tried to keep with those who had lost electricity. I’m sorry I didn’t know you had this additional challenge.
    I’m continuing to keep you in the LIght.

  • Susan says:

    Lisa I know you have been literally hit with so much at once. You need time to process all of this. Thank you for posting through this very difficult time. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. XoXoXo-Susan

  • Thanks for the update. Sending prayers and compassion.

  • Grateful for the update. I’ve been worried about you in the aftermath of Sandy. I hope this next storm isn’t too bad. Another friend of mine found out today that her cancer is Stage 4 also. You are both in my prayers.

  • I continue my little personal vigil for you every day. xxc

  • Does it help ease the pain to wear your sling in a private setting so you do not have to field all the questions? You need and deserve all of the comfort you can get. You have gotten through the power outage with your trademark management skills. grace, class and of course helping others. Your updates are important to me. Thank you for sharing your valuable time and energy writing them.

  • Greg says:


    You’d know better than I if you need to wear the sling. If you do need to, please do. Forget the questions. Just brush them off, wink, say you hurt your arm, tell them you just like wearing slings for the hell of it, whatever you come up with.

    Not nagging. Just because I care. Please don’t be too hard on me for this, as I have little or no medical knowledge versus yours. :o)


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