Highlights from around the web:

Radio interview with Laura Zigman, Ann Leary, and Julie Klam on Hashhags recorded on November 12, 2012. Click here.

Neil Shurley’s fabulous song that will stay in your head for days, “We Love You, Lisa.” It’s just fabulous. Click here to see the video and hear the song he made. We Love You, Lisa

USA Today feature Rate of “Preventive” Mastectomies Rising  and my response to the article here





My guest blogpost on Cure Magazine’s CancerBoneHealth website

My profile piece on Cure Magazine’s CancerBoneHealth website

No Country for Young Women’s interview with me

Introduction of Seth Mnookin at Franklin & Marshall’s Common Hour series on 10/6/11

Traackr’s ranking of Influencers of Breast Cancer discussions on the web.

My interview by Melissa Bell in The Washington Post: Elizabeth Edwards and the cancer question

Interview on Supernanny Jo Frost’s website about blogging about children here

Via webcast I get to ask bestselling author Jodi Picoult a question I’ve always wanted to ask. See the video clip here

Referenced in Cure Magazine’s blogpost by Elizabeth Whittington on the skill of listening “I Don’t Know Anything About Cancer”

My July 2009 spotlight from One Brave Chick

The Lisa Bonchek Adams Auditorium at Franklin & Marshall College

Dedication announcement in the F&M Diplomat

Video of my acceptance speech:

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