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Why Talk Therapy is on the Wane and Writing Workshops are on the Rise from The New York Times

The Rise of Solo Living from The Guardian

Do Patients Want More Care of Less? from The New York Times

Doctor panels urge fewer routine tests from The New York Times

Barry Estabrook’s You Want Superbugs with That? This topic is so important; I had antibiotic-resistant campylobacter in 2010 and it took 4 months to recover. We need to stop feeding antibiotics to farm animals unnecessarily.

Tamoxifen wards off breast cancer for more than a decade from USA Today

The ultimate long weekend in Jackson Hole, Wyoming from The Wall Street Journal

Atul Gawande’s commencement address at Harvard Medical School about the transformation of the medical profession: “Cowboys and Pit Crews”

A Publisher’s Postbag in Pictures … illustrated envelopes that were sent to a children’s book publisher. Gorgeous.

Helping Kids Beat Depression by Treating Mom … a very important article by Melinda Beck from The Wall Street Journal

Estrogen Lowers Risk of Heart Attack and Breast Cancer In Some in The New York Times

FDA to Study Whether Anesthesia Poses Cognitive Risks in Young Children in The New York Times

Revisiting Bone Drugs and Femur Fractures in The New York Times

A Health Insurance Insider Offers Words of Advice : Welicia Konrad interviews Wendell Potter in The New York Times

Mammograms less accurate in breast cancer survivors … will be interesting to see how these studies unfold.

A Fighting Spirit Won’t Save your Life by Richard Sloan in The New York Times (see my post from 2009 “Having a bad feeling about having a good attitude” for my take back then.

The Long and Short of it on Calcium and Vitamin D— guidelines as written in The New York Times

Info on the very effective shingles vaccine from the CDC and  The New York Times

Living with metastatic breast cancer; sometimes treatment is not just over and done.

Monica Bhide’s “Save your recipes before it’s too late” in Bon Appetit Magazine (March, 2011) on the connection between family, food, and memory

Skin cancer checks a must, embarrassment and time contraints are not good excuses! This article discusses the repercussions.

Study shows that breast cancer radiation prior to 1984 tied to heart disease (in addition, left side radiation worse than right)

an article on my friend Meredith Gray as the subject of Claudia Hehr’s photo essay of her breast cancer surgeries, chemo, and reconstruction in NAKED

Julie Mangano’s moving piece about her friend Jean Ann who is taking control of her life… and ending it… after a two year experience with ALS

Rethinking Advanced Placement — AP testing is being redesigned.

Susan G. Komen Foundation Elbows Out Charities Over Use of the Word ‘Cure’ — Shame on you, SGK…

Erin McClelland’s blogpost “Depression is a Disease” — her firsthand account of living with depression, her thoughts on it

A Doctor’s Disdain for Medical Googlers by Tara Parker-Pope : can patients arrive at a doctor’s office knowing too much?

From Google comes  The 3-D body browser : a new interactive tool to look inside the human body.

My father’s 2006 interview with Dr. Holmes Morton of the Clinic for Special Children in Strasburg, PA is an audio file. Click on “Holmes Morton, M.D.” to listen.

Think About Pink from The New York Times: What message are girls really getting from breast cancer activism?

Jody Schoger’s guest blogpost for Cure magazine of the Top 10 Cancer Stories of 2010

Mixed results for Zometa in preventing breast cancer recurrence from Cure Magazine

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