Notes from Jamaica

April 20th, 2012 § 11 comments

The other night, in 140 character tweets, I made some comments about my past few days on vacation in Jamaica. I noticed that two tweets especially received lots of replies and lots of “favorited” status.

Two simple sentences that captured so much of what I’ve been thinking about this week.

The tweets read:

Folks, these were the days I fought for during chemo. This time is my reward. These days with my family are priceless.

It doesn’t mean I don’t complain, or have bad days, or get frustrated with my kids. Life isn’t perfect. But I try to appreciate all I can.















the simple geometry of a beach umbrella












open door policy












pool steps













I took many photos this week which you can see now on Instagram (my username there is AdamsLisa). I’ll be posting my favorites here occasionally in the weeks ahead, and probably next winter when we all are craving some views of sunshine and palm trees.

I am grateful to Clarke for working hard each day to pay for the trip, to my children for being the individuals they are who make me smile, laugh, and go to the computer to Google answers to endless questions. I always appreciate their hugs and kisses and sense of wonder and enthusiasm for life. I know these days with them are fleeting.

Life is fragile. I know it.

I am treasuring these last hours here in Paradise.


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