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October 12th, 2013 § 13 comments

ImageHi all,

The interview on Al Jazeera America last night was not available to many who wanted to see it (even we don’t receive the channel). Thanks to my brother Mark I now have a link that you can use to watch it and/or download it. I am not sure how long it will be active so if you are reading this a few weeks or months from now I can’t guarantee they will still be active.

I think the show was great, I was so happy to be featured with Gayle Sulik and Dr. Susan Love… we definitely could have continued the coversation for another half hour. Kudos to AJA for giving us the time.

To view it online (*recommended option, must be from a computer not a phone):
To download the file (it’s big at 360 mb):
The photo above is of two of my nieces watching me on TV. Love it!
I welcome your feedback in the comment section. I wish I could have said more about metastatic disease but that wasn’t the true focus of the show.
Hope you all are enjoying your weekend.


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  • sonya says:

    You were fantastic!! You had such great things to share, and spoke with great clarity and eloquence! (I only wish you’d had more airtime.) Congrats!

  • Annie Lord says:

    Loved what you had to say, powerful and clear. Sometimes fewer words carry more weight. I’m in many ways in same boat as you, stage 4 breast cancer, and truly appreciate you putting your voice ‘out there’. I can relate to your blog posts, so honest and they lessen the isolation I often feel. Much love winging your way.

  • DrAttai says:

    Lisa – you were eloquent as always. Thank you for taking the time to do this important interview, and for keeping the focus where it should be – on the many women suffering from breast cancer and the consequences of treatment.

  • Great piece, Lisa. All around, although wish they had let you speak even more. I will do my part and forward this as much as I can. But, pieces like this need to be done by mainstream media outlets.

  • Beth Cioffoletti says:

    You were wonderful, Lisa — you are my spokesperson!!! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU


    Enough said…


  • Beth Smith says:

    Great show ~ lots of important information. It is so true about going forward with more information about the disease, treatment side effects, and the truth about buying “pink”. You were a great addition to the panel. I don’t know how to say it, but you made your points so well. Not the angry voice people seem to think we are, just a normal person, doing what must be done. With extreme grace. Thank you : )

  • Kim C says:

    Well done Lisa. There needs to be more and more of these conversations in the media. The oversaturation of pink – the ribbons and I think you said (pink drill bits!!!) are shallow and make rainbows and lollipops out of a very real, harsh and deadly disease. The emotional, spiritual and physical fall out even after one has NED is deeply devastating and takes years and years to move beyond. I liked your idea of asking the retailers exactly the who what where and how of the breast cancer donation. Lets put them on the spot and call them on their pink BS. Thank you! You were so great!!

  • Alisa K says:

    Some very important points were made and you did an amazing job Lisa. You seem like a natural speaker.

  • nancyspointn says:

    Very nicely done! And you didn’t even appear nervous! BRAVO!!

  • Stephanie says:

    You are always in my thoughts. I took a picture of a spiderweb covered in dew drops this morning- it was beautiful. My son and I stopped to enjoy their prettiness on our walk home. I got my flu shot yesterday, and will finish getting the kids theirs today. I share the information you’ve given about hiw little funding gathered in October goes to Metastatic disease. What you’re doing, saying…it matters. I can’t make this easier for you. But hopefully, knowing we, your community of readers, are out there, learning and growing from your efforts-well, hopefully that helps, just a little.

  • Mae says:

    That was an impressive interview! Found my way here from Nancy’s Point…

  • cliff craft says:

    I know there are people who want to kill me because I am not of their religion, but I would not wish this breast cancer on them.

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