Book auction and live TV this week

October 10th, 2013 § 4 comments

I am waiting for test and scan results, laying low after a busy and stressful week. Wednesday was a marathon of bloodwork, EKG, CT scans, and bone scan, followed today by more bloodwork. Friday is another oncology appointment. And I still made it to the dentist on Thursday for a cleaning!

I promise to report back once I know more about where things stand.

For now I would like to share two links: the first is a wonderful fundraiser that author Erika Robuck has organized to raise money for a metastatic breast cancer research fund at Sloan Kettering that I’ve established. Dozens and dozens of authors donated signed copies of their books and you can bid on a box of books (grouped by genre, you know exactly what you are getting)

The auction (only eligible to US residents, sorry) will end on Saturday night at 10 PM EST and you can find out more on the Facebook page. If you can’t bid on a box because the prices are too steep you can still donate in any amount to the fund here:

I have also announced that I will match the donation that the highest individual book box brings. This allows you to double the impact of your donation!

The second announcement is that I will be appearing on live TV on Friday night on Al Jazeera America’s show The Stream from 7:30-8:00 PM EST discussing pinkwashing and breast cancer awareness. Other guests will be Dr. Susan Love and Dr. Gayle Sulik.

You can join in via Twitter (@AJAMStream or #ajamstream), Google Hangout and other platforms.

Thanks for the support during a hard week.

§ 4 Responses to Book auction and live TV this week"

  • Rebecca says:

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend! You’ve definitely earned it. 🙂

    I don’t have tv, but I will try to check out the Facebook book auction.

  • Beth Smith says:

    I’ll be thinking of you, sending good thoughts and hoping for good test results!

  • Mary says:

    Thanks Lisa for taking time out of your busy treatment schedule and precious time with your family to speak out. Your energy amazes me!

    So, we are already 11 days into breast cancer awareness month, and I have yet to see one mention of the new laws, etc. that encourage and provide coverage for extended screening, i.e. MRI or ultrasound, for women with dense breasts. As someone who had a 10 cm tumor missed by mammograms, I wish this issue would be at least mentioned in the news. is one website that might be helpful and actually increase “breast cancer awareness” as opposed to all the pink noise out there this month.

  • I can sympathize with you, when I pointed out the painful lump to my doctor in march till my surgery april first, it was a real fast trip from one clinic to another, where the ladies there wondered what that guy was doing In their clinics. mammograms, biopsies, scans, the whole works. stage 4, as I found out. I had a power port installed for chemo, but I am on tamifloxin now, which seems to be working. now if that knot of cancer at the base of my spine would fade faster, so I could walk more, I could enjoy my brand new granddaughter.

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