Taking chances

May 4th, 2012 § 10 comments

Regrets are most often over things we have not done, rather than things we have.

Inaction, it seems, is harder to tolerate than action.

Doing something, even if it’s ultimately a mistake, is better than doing nothing.

I’m constantly torn between taking chances and staying nestled in the warm comfort of habit. I am a lover of routine, constancy, predictability. One of the many reasons I fell in love with my husband is his admirable and enduring sense of calm. I am more hot-headed, far quicker to be annoyed, get frustrated, to yell. I strive to be more like him in his ability to go with the flow, but most often I fail miserably.

I’m not a risk-taker. I tend to over-think things. If there is something unpleasant that needs to be done, I do it immediately so I can move on. If I were still a child I would eat the green vegetables first so I could enjoy the rest of the meal.

Making drastic changes often doesn’t work. I’ve been trying to branch out in a few ways over the past few months and I’m happier for it. I’ve started doing Pilates weekly, sometimes twice a week, and I’m loving it. I am physically stronger, have a teacher I adore, and many weeks get to take the lesson as a duet (semi-private) with a dear friend.

I’ve been taking lots of photos and enjoying not only the images I’m capturing, but also the social element of sharing them on Instagram. I enjoy seeing the slivers of beauty that are around us every day and am taking time to appreciate them more.

I’m taking more chances with my writing. I’ve been privately writing about a wider variety of topics, and trying out longer-form work. I recently read a story I wrote out loud to a group for the first time.

I curse middle age a few times a day, mostly about my body and how things just don’t work like they used to. But the perspective I have through my life experiences, the wisdom that I have after 42 years of ups and downs, the confidence to say, “I am flawed, I will try to be better, but I also know who I am” are all valuable.

I enjoy having others in my life but also know that when it comes time to take a chance, I can wrap my arms around myself and jump.


§ 10 Responses to Taking chances"

  • Marisa Birns says:

    That’s a wonderful gift to give yourself. That leap can seem hard many times but, happily, the rewards are worth the fleeting moment of discomfort.

    Enjoyed your post.

  • Pam says:

    I’m excited to hear that you’re trying new things and enjoying the process. Way to go!

  • Erika Robuck says:

    I love this reminder to look for the little glimmers of beauty in each day. This has been a hard month, and I needed someone to tell me that. Thank you.

  • Becky says:

    Lisa — you speak my heart… “I am flawed, I will try to do better, but I also know who I am”

    I so very much love you my dear friend.

  • Kathi says:

    I must admit that the older I have gotten, the less I care about failure or mistakes or what anyone thinks of me. Which has led me to starting more new things than ever. It seems to kick in particularly when I turned 50. I’ve branched out in ways I could never have imagined 10 years ago. At some point, you just figure, hey, this is who I am, take me or leave me. You feel more comfortable in your own skin. And you get a little crabbier, too, which is actually helpful! LOL. See what you have to look forward to? All the best.

  • Greg says:

    Keep writing. It’s helpful and useful to all of us.

  • That measured approach to trying new things includes noticing that you are trying new things! Loved this.

  • Lisa,
    After I was old enough to climb out of the cocoon my mother wrapped me in, I have savored every new and challenging experience I can find.

    For me, the best thing has been the realization that I’m not the sickly, sheltered child my mother wanted me to be. Perhaps the worst thing has been wondering WHY a parent wouldn’t do everything possible to empower their children & equip them with all the tools and experiences to make them strong, independent, functioning people? As James said after he first met my mother, “What must it be like to be in her skin?”

    From what I know, you and your mother have both been great role models for your children. Every step along the way, your children are taking note of your strength and your ability to adapt and change to the things life throws in your path. Well done!


  • Jen says:

    Lisa, great post! You are such an accomplished writer already. You speak from the heart and it shows. As we get older we also focus on things we are good at & don’t try to be the best at everything but perhaps also try things never thought we could do. Keep writing & we’ll keep reading. Thank you.

  • denise says:

    I am honored that I got to be among those hearing your written words, spoken. xo

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