Some days

January 6th, 2011 § 14 comments

Some days I say to myself, “Enough with cancer.”
Some days I say, “That’s enough. No more.”

No more thinking about it.
No more doing.
No more helping.
No more advocating.
No more educating.
No more communicating.

But then I say, “There’s still so much to do.”
There’s still so much to say.
There’s still so much to hope for.
There are still so many who suffer.

And so I am pulled back in,
Writing, talking, sharing.

Some days I want to talk about anything but cancer.
But I remember this is the new me,
This is my new life.
This is who I am.

And as long as there are others who come after me,

I will do what I can…
to hear,
to help,
to hope.

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  • Chris Yerkes says:

    You’ve been a gift to so many people. It must be difficult to always have it on your mind, which makes your gift all the more valuable.

  • Ann Gregory says:

    I know how you feel. It seems like you never get a day off from it. Inherently, I know if I got a break, i’d be a little lost and feel like I was forgetting to do something.

  • Joanne Firth says:

    This touched me very deeply. You’ve helped and encouraged me beyond words. Just popping in to check made a difference and gave me something extra, something good to help keep going. I can only now understand in a small way that by helping others, you are reliving your own experiences. This is what makes you, to me, a pure, brave and selfless woman. Love, Joanne

  • casoly says:

    I cannot imagine going through any of this. The cancer, the treatment, the endless advice giving, hand holding – everything. I only know that I think you are an amazing person, mother, wife, friend, and you constantly amaze and delight those around you.

    • Sue says:

      Agree. This brought tears to my eyes. Tears of sadness at all you’ve gone through, and tears of joy knowing people like yourself push through that to be for others. What a gift you are and I’m thankful to be connecting with you.

  • AvidReader78 says:

    For someone who has a family member who survived cancer but lives with the day-to-day I appreciate your words. It helps me remember that it doesn’t just “end” when you get an all-clear. I must continue to support. Love, Jennifer

  • You’re a star, Lisa. Shine on.

  • Thanks so much for reading, and responding. It’s the interaction that makes it so worthwhile! It’s truly a labor of love. I hate the disease, but I love the people it brings into my life…

  • jo miller says:

    I admire the Spirit in you that inspires,informs,cares,touches hearts,gives comfort with her words and stands tall ~ not defined by the disease.
    I love the sense of humour found in your tweets ~ in your outlook.
    You’ve a great spin on situations ordinary or not, Thank you for sharing.

  • Erika Robuck says:

    Every time you address it with a blog post, or send out your Monday pleads, or offer people going through treatment support you are making good from the bad, and that is the ultimate goal in life. It is the mark of a strong spirit fulfilling her purpose. Thank you.

  • Genna Sarnak says:

    Thank you, Lisa, for continuing to share, to inspire, and to educate. Although not always easy to digest, your words always have an amazing affect over me. Your courage, determination, and strength is truly motivational. So thank you.

  • Bill Buster says:

    I have been facing Cancer my whole life, at age 7 I lost a brother to Leukemia, just lost my Father in November, and many other family members. I now suffer from a degenerative lung disease which I also blog about, and I feel closely identified with your simply and beautifully expressed thoughts and feelings. I look forward to reading your posts in the future and appreciate your strength and support.

  • auntie_jenn says:

    Thought-provoking, as usual…My medical issues have been with me my entire life; I know no other way. A blessing and a curse, I suppose, for me to not know what it’s like to be ‘healthy.’ Thanks, as usual, for making me consider other perspectives.

  • sheryl says:

    Lisa, I’ve been there. I know how thoughts of the disease can consume you. It absolutely without a doubt changes who you are and how you think forever. But, like you, it has opened up my life in so many unexpected and surprising ways. All I can say is that as time goes by, it settles into a comfortable place in your life; one that is not all-consuming.

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