Things I know

December 21st, 2010 § 4 comments

1. The phone will ring while I am in the bathroom.
2. I will never be able to get my clothing just right so that I am neither too hot nor too cold for longer than 10 minutes.
3. The line I am standing on will move slower than any other line.
4. My husband will leave the lights on every single time he goes into the garage.
5. I will find one more item of dirty clothing the moment the “add garment” light goes off on the washing machine.
6. I will spend my entire vacation worrying about whether I will make the connecting flight for the return trip home.
7. One of my children will add one more item to his/her Christmas list immediately after I declare I am DONE shopping for the year.
8. I will never be able to read all of the books I want to read.
9. The only sizes left in the pants I will fall in love with will be sizes 00 and 20.
10. Carbohydrates are the key to happiness in life.

What is your list?

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  • Joanne Firth says:

    Wow, you have an “add garment light” on your washer. Jealous. I may be able to put a small list together. Thinking…..

    1. Whatever I cook with get met with the, “what did she put in it?” look and a small amount of fear.

    2. Whenever I really need to tell someone something important they don’t pick up their phone.

    3. The minute I sit down with a plate of food, one of the dogs needs to go out.

    4. When I think I’ve finished the laundry, husband will decide to clean out his truck and fills the basket up.

    5. When I least need something around the house to break, is when it breaks.

    I’m on board with your list Lisa, carbs especially. Bring on the pasta. Fun post. <3

  • Patti Wunder says:

    1. When I have money I “want” to spend on me, I will find nothing to buy.
    2. My husband will be late getting home from work every night a child has been home sick all day and I had very little sleep the night before.
    3. My M-I-L will need something reheated the moment I sit down for family dinner. (but that’s ok, because I’m use to it now. 😉
    4. I will find one more trash bin that needed to be emptied the moment the trash truck leaves my driveway.
    5. The wind will blow with reckless abandon on the nights I put recycling on the curb.
    6. I will always cherish my friends.
    7. I will work everyday of my life… in some way or another.
    8. I will worry about my children everyday.
    9. I will thank God for everyday I have to work and worry about my children.

  • j says:

    Hmmmm… I’m not very good at lists but…

    1. The TBR pile of books NEVER gets shorter, though I am always reading.
    2. I will forget every band name or song title I like the minute I’m standing in a music store or cashing in on an i-tunes giftcard.
    3. I will miss summer the first cold day in fall.
    4. I will think of the perfect response after the person who needs to hear it is gone.
    5. In commute traffic, switching lanes doesn’t get me anywhere faster. I will still switch lanes.
    6. I will never have the right shoes.
    7. There will come a time when they won’t be, and I will wish my boys were still here interrupting me all the time.
    8. I will never regret popping over to read Lisa Adams.

  • Becky says:

    1) I will always have room for ONE more pair of black converse, or gray — some have those little stars.

    2) I will never make a dinner that everyone says, in unison, “Yeah! That’s exactly what we ALL wanted!”

    3) I will never read blogs fast enough.

    4) I will always save room for a roll, or chips — that’s even better than dessert.

    5) My bathroom, even though I have 3, will ALWAYS be the only bathroom anyone thinks they can do their business in.

    6) I will never, proudly, change my own oil in the car.

    7) I will always pause and think and then, possibly act irrationally — but at least I paused and thought it thru first.

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