March 5, 2013

March 5th, 2013 § 2 comments

Today (Tuesday) I’ll be in New York City having my appointment with my oncologist at Sloan Kettering. I won’t be getting any test results and don’t anticipate making any major changes to my chemo regimen so I do not think there will be news to report. Of course I’ll post an update with any information I find out that might be helpful to others.

Because I have so many new readers I want to just make sure everyone knows that I do not necessarily post every day. A day (or a few days) without a post should not be interpreted as something medically severe. I have always felt it might be overload to be trying to get a post out daily; for now, about three a week seems right. Naturally, life gets in the way sometimes–  that’s usually a good thing for me, of course. It’s life getting in the way. School events with my children, home repairs, and doctors’ appointments all can wreak havoc on a writer’s day as any writer will tell you!

I am still working on the post about things that are helpful to say/offer when someone tells you he/she has cancer. This post will take a while for me to work on. Bear with me; I’ll be posting other things in the interim, but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten.

I appreciate the support each and every day. Twitter is the best place to keep up with me if you want more daily info (@adamslisa) and there are also Facebook pages as well (one here and one here including the fabulous song/video “We Love You, Lisa” by Neil Shurley).

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  • Laurie Richards says:

    I just wanted to say that I live in Washington and a friend of mine had taken a picture of the pink ribbon run in Spokane and it says what are your running for? The picture of the women on the billboard was just so frightening and I wonder what subliminal message might have been behind this? Spokane residents as well as the whole Eastern Washington received iodine poisoning back in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. There is a class action lawsuit in progress — 9 members of my deceased husband’s family have all died of cancer and they all lived and grew up in Spokane. — I found your article about divorcing the Komen organization and posted it on my facebook page — my hat goes off to you? I was curious have you been using any alternative treatments in addition to traditional? Any comments on the billboard would be greatly appreciated. Blessings and here’s to a quick recovery. My thoughts and prayers are for you. Positive vibrations.

  • marnie says:

    Thank you so much. I have only known about my cancer for 3 days and have been reading constantly, your blog is the first I have read that feels like it will help, familiar and comforting and with some humor ( really need it right now) special thank you for “stupid things people say. ” Much appreciated

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