“We Love You, Lisa”

October 17th, 2012 § 9 comments

My Twitter friend @thatneilguy (Neil Shurley) put together this sweet and tear-jerking YouTube video for me with photos from friends. He even wrote me a song to go with it. Then he created a Facebook page for me so I could see all of the photos individually.

I appreciate the love and attention so much from everyone and will need it in the days ahead. I’m dealing with chemo round one at moment.

Today is Wednesday. I have 2 doses today, one tomorrow morning, and then a week off. Side effects may not really go away in between. I’m learning as I go.

Here is the video of We Love You, Lisa … take a look

and the FB page is here .

I hope to be back doing some “real” writing soon, but for now short updates will have to do.

Go out and find beauty in something small today: a leaf, the sky, a hug, a kind word or deed. Go do it. For me. Because you can.

(okay, and while I’m nagging, make that healthcare appointment you have been putting off. Stay as healthy as you can. Be vigilant. #mondaypleads)



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§ 9 Responses to “We Love You, Lisa”"

  • Shari says:

    So nice to hear from you this morning! Hoping those side effect lessen for you! We love you and miss you! My twitter feed just isn’t the same!

  • Hugs. Got the flu shot and am encouraging others.

    The video is stellar.

  • Teri says:

    Lisa, everywhere I go, everything I do, I am thinking of you – when I take my vitamins, when my kids and I get our flu shots tomorrow, when I breathe in the fragrance of my goddaughter’s new baby and whisper “thank you” for his safe arrival, when I see any flower or anything beautiful in the natural world… I know you are taking care of all you need to do to get through the chemo and to preserve energy for your kids. Just know we’re all here sending love and support 24/7. xoxo

  • Such a loving thing for Neil and everyone who participated in the video to do. Flu shots… absolutely. Got mine and hope everyone you cross paths with has had theirs.

  • sarahbutten says:

    I so drank in the beautiful day. I’m working till the preschooler comes home from her friend’s house. I have the window open to drink more of the fresh air in. This mini-update for you! I love the love coming your way. It’s fortifying. I *feel* it.

  • Pam says:

    The video is loveliness itself.

    Noticing beauty around me is one of my principal activities–ooh, look at that! might be my motto. 😉

    Thinking of you often.

  • Susan says:

    What a beautiful video. Although I just met through social media, I can feel the love and and my love to you too Lisa….Hugs and XoXoXoXo

  • Greg says:

    Wow. What a video.

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